Month: April 2019

Uwe Martin

Uwe Martin, calls what he does, “slow journalism.” OWC RADiO host, Cirina Catania, calls it great journalism. Uhwe travels the world documenting, via photographs, video and multi-media exhibits, our water crisis, the land rush, the challenges of farming/ranching and other cultural and social issues that might otherwise be hidden, sometimes taking years to embed himself into the region he is covering. The result is world-class creativity and story-telling that is rare to see in this age of rushed get-it-out-there-quick coverage.

Beeple, Mike Winkleman

Beeple’s, aka Mike Winkleman’s “Everyday” creations, launched every single day without fail for the last 12 years, inspire us and bring our creative genes to their knees. He talks candidly at NAB 2019 with Host Cirina Catania, and gives us an interesting, candid look at the man behind one of the world’s most admired and prolific Cinema4D artists.

Jon Bach, Puget Systems

Once upon a time, a young boy started playing with computers in his basement…in 2019, Jon Bach, now CEO of Puget Systems, runs a company building custom systems for on-set DIT’s and content creators. Host Cirina Catania dives into the corporate culture and asks questions about what makes Jon successful.

Chris Vanderschaaf, Cinematographer

Chris Vanderschaaf, Phantom High Speed Cinematographer, may have the world’s most awesome job! He smashes, drops and slices really neat stuff at 1,000 frames per second and gets paid for it. Host Cirina Catania, loves that!

Andy Cochrane, Sprinbok Entertainment

Get out the tissues, Immersive Content Creator, Andy Cochrane, of Springbok Entertainment talks with host Cirina Catania about the first in a series of mixed media films about cancer survivors. “The 100%” premieres at Tribeca the week of April 22nd as part of this groundbreaking anthology. The immersive project used over 130 cameras for some scenes to tell the story of Maggie Kudirka, a ballerina stricken with Cancer. Andy tells us how the project was filmed and why. We cried.

NAB 2019 – Filmmaker, Ryan Connolly

Join host Cirina Catania as she interviews Filmmaker, Ryan Connolly as they discuss NAB, his Film Riot web show, when he realized he was creative, Filmmaking, the kind of films he makes, lessons from low resource short films and high resource productions, to always go above and beyond with full passion, and give 110% into each and every project.

NAB 2019 – Larry O’Connor, Founder, OWC

Join host Cirina Catania as she interviews Larry O’Connor the Founder and CEO of OWC as they discuss NAB, the Extreme Tech Challenge, life changing tech, future tech, and how sustainability is part of OWC’s core.

NAB 2019 – Michael Kammes, BeBop

Join host Cirina Catania as she interviews Michael Kammes the Director of Business Development at BeBop Technology as they discuss why he wanted to work at a startup and how BeBop wants to change how media creation can change to use cloud computing vs relying on 100% local editing workflows.

NAB 2019 – Terri Morgan, LumaTouch & Henny Tha Bizness

Join host Cirina Catania as she interviews Terri Morgan from LumaTouch along with Grammy Award Winning Music Producer, Youtuber, and Gadget Guru Henny Tha Bizness as they discuss how they got started, editing videos and music on iPad, iOS workflows and insights.

NAB 2019 – Joshua Davies & Javert Valbarr, FXhome

Join host Cirina Catania as she interviews Joshua Davies & Javert Valbarr from FXhome as they discuss HITFILM PRO VFX studio, how they make and teach VFX and make it approachable for people to learn, how they got started and so much more.