Jancy McPhee – Ph.D, the SciArt Exchange and Humans in Space

OWC RADiO Host, Cirina Catania interviews Jancy McPhee,  a neuroscientist, and former manager of domestic and international space life sciences research programs for NASA via the Universities Space Research Association and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute. She currently continues her space science work with The Aerospace Corporation.  

Since 2010, she has developed motivating and novel ways to enhance space education and communication, foster science and technology innovation, and promote global collaboration to solve hard challenges.

Dr. McPhee created the international Humans in Space Art Program to encourage people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds to communicate their visions of the future of human space exploration and development through visual, literary, musical, and video art. Now run under the nonprofit SciArt Exchange, the Program has engaged over 9000 participants as artists, and over 2.9 million have viewed multi-media artwork displays and performances in person worldwide.   

Other World Computing (OWC) was a major sponsor, along with Vortex Immersion Media, Honeybee Robotics, the Mayfair Hotel, and others, of the recent “Humans in Space Art Celebration” in Los Angeles. We caught up with Dr. McPhee via Skype in between her travels and encourage all young people considering a career in science to listen in.

In addition to international contests and artwork tours, SciArt Exchange offers global science-integrated-with-art activities and training to inspire and prepare the world for the future. It also provides consulting for corporations and educational organizations interested in the power of bringing the arts together with science and technology.

Dr. McPhee believes that both her training in neuroscience and her hobbies, music, and theater, have greatly influenced her work and the nonprofit. 

Larry O’ Connor, Founder and CEO of OWC, is a proud supporter of education initiatives and says, “We at OWC pride ourselves on supporting educational initiatives and our mission to allow creative minds to get the most from their technology, to push their work to the very limits.”

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