Kevin Bourke of Bourke PR, Publicity Overview for the Ever-Changing Media Landscape

Kevin Bourke is the founder and principal of BourkePR, a PR and communications consultancy. He specializes in the media/entertainment, production, post-production and music tech space. Kevin talks with OWC RADiO host, Cirina Catania, about the lessons he’s learned throughout his PR career and how it all started with a passion for music.

As principal and founder of BourkePR, Kevin Bourke is a consultant to some of the most interesting and innovative companies in the entertainment media tech, music tech, VFX, post-production and production technology markets.

Kevin works exclusively with companies whose ideas and accomplishments deserve their moment in the spotlight. With 30 years of experience in technology-related PR and communications, he has worked closely with companies of all sizes. From startups to Fortune 500 brands, Kevin helps them navigate the markets in which they play, including brands such as GoPro, FiLMiC Inc., Luma Touch, Red Giant, and many more.

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