Lumatouch and Filmic Pro – Bringing the Mobile Creator Community Together Starting April 17

Cirina Catania, the host of OWC RADiO, talks with Terri Morgan, co-founder of LumaTouch and the lead product designer for LumaFusion and Neil Barham, and the guiding vision behind FiLMiC Inc. and the primary architect behind FiLMiC Pro.

Luma Touch ( and FiLMiC Inc. ( announce the launch of an ambitious free online educational initiative in direct response to the impact of Covid19 on the content creation community: The Mobile Creator Summit. (Register Now!)

The Mobile Creator Summit – designed, developed and hosted by the teams from Luma Touch and FiLMiC – is an entirely free global virtual training summit designed to teach new mobile filmmaking, journalism and storytelling skills to content creators from all corners of the globe and who may have lost work as a result of Covid19. Mirroring familiar conference speaking and presentation track formats, The Mobile Creator Summit will take full advantage of the interactive Live Streaming platform, StreamYard, to create an online presentation and interactive panel discussion format in a completely virtual environment and easily accessible to anyone.

The premiere Mobile Creator Summit on Friday, April 17 will be hosted by mobile journalism industry expert, Glen Mulcahy, and will feature presentations from celebrity YouTubers Justine Ezarik (iJustine) and Cielo LaPaz, influential mobile filmmaker and trainer Cassius Rayner, and filmmaker/cinematographer Richard Lackey.  Each week, the FiLMiC and Luma Touch teams will announce upcoming Mobile Creator Summit tracks, featured presenters and schedules via both companies’ social channels and websites. 

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More about the Summit:

Morning and evening times to accommodate many different time zones.

Co-Sponsored by Lumatouch and FiLMiCPro, 

Featuring experts in all areas of mobile filmmaking. The first week features sessions from:

Angelo Chiacchio, Director, “Ephermera: Documentary

Born in Basilicata (Italie) in 1986, Angelo studied design all around Europe. Today he’s based in Paris where he researches the past of technology to design its future with innovative products, services, and exhibitions. Since 2009, Angelo is part of design studio He is also a photographer and filmmaker, co-founder of, a project to tell about Italian natural heritage with innovative techniques, and author of EPHEMERA (, a mobile documentary to explore and tell about some of most fragile realities on the planet. Angelo also collaborates regularly with dance company “Balletto Lucano” to merge visual arts with performing arts in projects rooted on local heritage.

Sal Massimini, Director

Born in Connecticut, Sallyanne Massimini’s love of storytelling began as a child; her old sketchbooks are filled with storyboards and creatures. After graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Sal shifted from painter to visual effects artist and supervisor. Her VFX credits include Fast and Furious, Straw Dogs, True Blood, Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Hemlock Grove, Banshee, and Castle. Commercial clients include Prada, Target, Dodge Ram, Mary Kay, Sunday Night Football, EA, Sapporo, Visa, and Mountain Dew. Sal garnered several VFX Emmy nominations before transitioning to directing. Currently, Sal is the second unit director and producer on season 3 of American Gods. In addition to her visual and cinematic endeavors, Sal is a partner in Master Cinematographers (MC4), a film company dedicated to creating technological innovations that both speed and ease the art of cinematography and photography.

Richard Lackey, Filmmaker/Professional Colorist

Richard Lackey combines a cinema camera approach to shooting video using a smartphone with professional colour correction and post workflow. What started out as an experiment has become an ongoing journey to push the limits of what’s possible using a smartphone to capture professional, cinematic video.

Professionally, Richard is a digital cinema technology and workflow specialist with an extensive knowledge and experience of digital motion-picture imaging and post production. Full member of Colorist Society International (CSI Member) and Digital Cinema Society (DCS).

Cassius Rayner, Director

Cassius started his career in camera operating in 1995-97 overseas for UNOPS (United Nations) filming in hostile conditions.

In 2014 Cassius began to explore the possibilities of filming with mobile phones, discovering the Filmic Pro app online, he began to shoot content and was amazed and excited by the possibilities. Since then he has not used main stream camera systems. Against the advice of many colleagues in the film industry Cassius continued to explore the creativity and freedom he was finding by using mobile phones. In 2015 he was commissioned to shoot a documentary on graffiti artists in London using iPhones and has continued to use mobile technology to shoot a variety of professional projects including documentaries on a fashion designer in Hong Kong and China, Medical teams rescuing children in Ethiopia, circus elephant rescue missions in South America to UK based projects including ‘Walking in our Shoes’ which has won several awards.

Cassius has received 14 international film awards for projects he has shot using mobile phones including ‘Best Cinematography’, ‘Best Music Video’, and Best Foreign Documentary’.

iJustine, YouTube Star / Vlogger

Justine Ezarik is a one-woman digital phenomenon: techie, gamer, vlogger, and digital creator. She is one of the top female personalities online. Justine was named one of the Hollywood Reporters 50 most powerful digital players as well as one of Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100. In 2014, she was on Time’s Most 100 list and in 2012, she was ranked the #6 most influential personality by The Daily Beast’s Digital Power Index, amongst the rankings of Lady Gaga and YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley. Justine published her first book, I, Justine: An Analog Memoir, in June 2015 under Simon & Schuster and is a New York Times Best Seller. A popular brand ambassador, Justine has worked with partners such as Google, Lays, Mattel, Microsoft, H&R Block, Toyota, Canon, Intel, eBay, P&G, Starbucks, Banana Republic, Samsung, Nestle, Pizza Hut and DJI Drones. She has been featured in numerous magazine and publications from The Chicago Tribune to Fast Company and Maxim Magazine and also appeared on shows such as Chopped, The Celebrity Apprentice, Dr. Oz, The Talk, The Rachael Ray Show, The Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds, Law & Order, E!, MTV.

Henny tha Bizness, You Tube Influencer

Henny is an Award winning, Multi-Platinum Record Producer, Songwriter, Professor, and Youtuber. Henny has produced numerous hits records for various recording artists including Drake, Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Black Eyed Peas, Young Jeezy, Brandy, Jay Rock, Trey Songz, Ab Soul, Ice Cube, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, Birdman and many others. A graduate from Morehouse College, Henny is also a professor of his alma mater where he teaches Music Production, Online Branding and Music Technology. Henny has developed a strong following online guiding individuals on how to use iOS devices in a professional manor via his YouTube channel.

Cielo de la Paz, Filmmaker / Vlogger

Cielo is a mobile filmmaker and photographer and founder of and the person behind the Youtube channel- iPhone Filmmaking. Cielo teaches iPhone filmmaking worldwide at institutions like Stanford, Google, large government agencies, and conferences. With her mobile videography and filmmaking courses, Cielo has taught thousands of individuals tell their stories – using nothing but their mobile phones. Her work was featured in Apple’s Shot on iPhone billboard and TV ad campaigns has been awarded the Gold Cannes Lions Award, as well as honors from Mobile Photography Awards and iPhone Photography Awards (IPPA).

PhotoJoseph, Photographer | Filmmaker | YouTuber

PhotoJoseph is a content creator, educator and YouTuber — he’s been shooting since the age of seven, teaching and presenting on stage to audiences around the globe for over 20 years, and runs an online resource for photo and video education at

Following an eight-year tenure at Apple as the lead presenter, producer and photographer for the Professional Applications Division, he stepped out on his own in 2009 to pursue all things photo and video. Today you can find PhotoJoseph shooting still and video productions for clients ranging from global corporations to local small businesses in his home town of Ashland, Oregon… speaking to schools and educators around the world on integrating photography and digital storytelling into the classroom, turning the camera into a powerful learning tool… teaching workshops on photography in person and online on… and of course on YouTube at

You can find PhotoJoseph online as @PhotoJoseph just about everywhere… mainly Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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