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Vortex, Part 2 – MESMERICA 360: A Visual Music Journey

Ed Lantz, Mark Laisure, and Kate McCallum from the team at Vortex Immersion Media join Cirina Catania, OWC RADiO host, and share their experiences about working with Dr. Jancy...

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Vortex, Part 1 – the Future of Immersive Experience

Ed Lantz and Mark Laisure, from the team at Vortex Immersion Media, join OWC RADiO host Cirina Catania. They share their experience working with Dr. Jancy McPhee, and Larry O’Connor of...

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Jancy McPhee – Ph.D, the SciArt Exchange and Humans in Space

OWC RADiO Host, Cirina Catania interviews Jancy McPhee, a neuroscientist, and former manager of domestic and international space life sciences research programs for NASA via the Universities Space...

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Patrick Southern – Workflow Architect at & Emmy-Winning Editor

Patrick Southern is Workflow Architect at FrameiO and won an Emmy for his work on the OJ Simpson Documentary. OWC Radio Host, Cirina Catania, interviews him about his journey...

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Tim Standing – SoftRAID, Storage, and Pizza

Tim Standing, VP Software Engineering at OWC, understands every creative’s nightmare. Disaster strikes and you lose a massive amount of your precious work. It could be fire, flood, ransomware,...

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Marco Missinato – Composer, Musician, Messenger of Peace

Marco Missinato is an artist, a music composer, a photographer, but mostly he’s a messenger of peace. “Following our most joyful imagination by taking action is the key to...

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